Top 10 Anticipated K-pop Comebacks for March

A brand new month, and an exciting amount of new music, comebacks, and concepts are heading into the K-pop world. Whilst some releases have arrived and are being played full blast, the remainder we must wait patiently. This is a small list of what is being anticipated for the comebacks this march.

Title Track: ‘seOul drift’
Album: Seoul cOllectiOn
Release date: March 2nd, 6PM KST

The almighty six-piece OnlyOneOf are back as a complete group since their solo projects with the highly anticipated album seOul cOllectiOn” released on 2nd March.  The title track 'seOul drift' is a high-energy track accompanied by a visually pleasing video. See just how enticing the video is below. 

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Title Track: “On The Street (with J-Cole)”
Release Date: March 3, 2 PM KST

Chapter two of BTS’s rap line member J-Hope is going strength to strength, Bighit announced a surprise single ‘On the Street’ was to be released on 3rd March. ‘On The Street’acts as a gift for armys before hope enlists in the military. Alongside the release saw a dream come true for Hope with American rapper J-Cole joining him on the track.

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Title Track: ‘SET ME FREE’
Release Date: March 10th 2 PM KST

The girls are back with their 12th mini album “Ready To Be” the seven-track album has been eagerly awaited and will return with the title track “Set Me Free.” If that wasn't enough the album will feature the pre-release track Moonlight as well as the English version of the title track set me free. Spring sees the girls embark on their biggest world tour yet kickstarting in Seoul, before heading to Australia, Japan, the US, and Canada. More shows are to be revealed. 

Album: The 3rd Mini Album (Rover)
Release Date: March 13, 6PM KST

Exo’s member Kai is to release his third mini album ‘Rover’ on the 13th of march. The album comes after his debut solo success with the track “Peaches” from 2nd mini album ‘Peaches’ back in November 2021. His teaser sets out to entice and hypnotize viewers in his decadent trippy visual teaser as seen below. 


Title Track: ‘NEW DAYZ’ 
Album: 2nd Single Album Blue Set Chapter. New Dayz

Release Date: March 15th, 6PM KST

The seven-member group is returning with their second single album, following their first mini album “Blue Set Chapter in January 2022. The rookie group made an impressive debut with the title track "TNT (Truth & Trust)" garnering over 67 thousand views on youtube in the first 24 hours.

Title Track: “Like Crazy” 1pm KST
Pre-release March 17th: “Set Me Free Pt. 2”
Album: 1st Solo Album FACE March 24th 1PM KST

The next BTS member stepping up to release their debut solo album is Jimin. Part of his promotions has seen releases of SoundCloud singles “Promise” and “Christmas tree” released 6th of march at 2 pm KST. The title track is to be “Like Crazy” from his 1st solo album ‘Face.' Bighit described the upcoming album as "Face is all about Jimin facing himself head-on as he gets ready for his next step as a solo artist."


Album: JAPAN 2ND SINGLE (Limitless)

Release Date: March 22nd

Monster group Ateez have returned with their 2nd Japanese single “Limitless” the single will also feature the b-side track “Diamond.” Teaser photos released show subunits decked out in black fencer outfits, giving little away. The group is currently in the midst of the European leg of their “FellowShip: Break The Wall” tour which is being greeted with incredible success and rave reviews. Check out the KpopWise show review here


Album: 4th Mini album (The Billage of perception: Chapter three)

Release Date: March 28th, 6 PM KST

Debuting with their hit album The Billage of Perception: Chapter One”, the next chapter has arrived for the seven-member group. The second mini album (The Billage of perception: Chapter two) varied from synth-pop to rock songs such as their title track “Ring Ma Bell (What a wonderful world)” gardening over 22 million views on youtube. Teasers allude to a mystical vibe, carrying on the storytelling imagery fans have grown to love.



Album: 1st Mini Album ‘House of tricky: Doorbell ringing’

Release Date: March 30th, 6 PM KST

KQ Entertainment recently unveiled their new rookie band Xikers the 10-member band will release their debut mini album ‘House of tricky: Doorbell ringing’ on their debut date 30th march. Teasers reveal the character Tricky accompanying Xikers on their journey. The album name comes from their reality TV show Tricky House, the band has gone on to perform at several K-pop festivals, such as KCon in Japan. Next month sees them take to the stage at Kcon Thailand. 


Album: TBA

Release Date: March 31, 2023

YG Entertainment announced that Jisoo will be making her first solo debut album 31st of march. Not much has been given away for the Blackpink member's first solo debut, and a cryptic coming soon poster was revealed. Jisooo will be the final member to release solo music, with more to be revealed soon.

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