[Review] J-Hope Gifts ARMYS with New Single 'On the street' (Feat J-Cole)

Hope right here, just when we think J-Hope (BTS) has packaged everything nicely with ‘Jack in the box.’ The rap line member surprised fans with his new single “On the street (feat J-Cole)" released on 3rd March at 2 pm KST. The news dropped unexpectedly on the 26th of February, with Bighit music announcing through a statement about what J-hope planned for fans “The title on the street refers to J-Hope's roots -street dance- from which his dream to become an artist began, and the path the artist and fan will continue to walk together.”

Going back to his street dance roots to where it all began, reflecting on his original path and love for hip hop. Of course, it only seems right that he collaborated with his own idol and inspiration American hip-hop star J-Cole who features alongside the track.  

Described as a “Lo-fi hip-hop track with easy-listening melody & warm-hearted lyrics.” The track does just that, as usual, the lyrics flow effortlessly and reflect the connection ARMYS and J-Hope have. With a catchy whistling hook, Hope sings “Every time I look, every time I love, every time I hope, As always, for us, Even my walk was made of your love and your faith, To repay you from afar just like a butterfly”

Throughout the music video, we see glimpses of J-Hope moving effortlessly across the streets of New York, street dancing in his element back to his dance roots. Taking the word street as the key motif for the song. The video is low-key, setting the tone and conveying the message he wants to send to fans. 

Panning to the city rooftop overlooking New York J-Cole raps heartfelt, sentimental, passionate, and goosebump-inducing verses. The painstaking question of fame, oneself, and status. Cole raps “I contemplate if I should wait and stick around a bit longer. I get a strange type of hunger, the more I eat the more it grows stronger.” This message is a theme seen reflected in J-Hope's 2022 single “Arson” and the burning passion for his work and subsequent success. 

Known for his sunshine demeanor and kind personality, J-Hope delivered the perfect present similar to that of BTS member Jin who gifted ARMYS with single “The Astronaut” before leaving to serve in the military. 

‘On the street’ embodies everything ARMYS has come to love about J-Hope over the years, many sides have been revealed to what he truly can do. Multi-layered, intelligent, and going back to his roots rounding off not only his Chapter One BTS journey but an exciting beginning of chapter two for himself and his fellow members.

Of course, it wouldn't be a J-hope release without a dance challenge, are you up for the 'See you on the street challenge?'

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