All-Round Musician JUNNY and Hip-Hop Rookie “Blase” will Release “Optimist”

Musician JUNNY, who has just finished his North American tour “blanc,” is releasing a new Single Album, “Optimist,” featuring rising hip-hop rookie Blase from “SHOW ME THE MONEY 11” before his upcoming Europe tour.

The collaboration between JUNNY, a singer-songwriter who has collaborated with IU, EXO KAI, Baekhyun, NCT U, NCT DREAM, and Blase, who gained recognition through “SHOW ME THE MONEY 11,” is expected to create a powerful synergy with their new song “Optimist.” The new single “Optimist” is an R&B with UK house elements added up with a trendy Drill sound, which is currently popular in the UK, making it a refreshing and appealing track. Blase’s smooth incorporation of Drill hip-hop adds to the song’s completeness.

The word “Optimist” means an optimistic person who looks for a positive direction in life, despite the negativity in the world like the word itself. The song is easy to listen to and creates a positive vibe,
regardless of where or when it’s played. With both Blase’s feature and JUNNY’s lyrical rap, it’s expected to appeal to a wide range of listeners.

After a successful North American tour in late February, JUNNY will perform in 13 cities across Europe, including London, Stockholm, Vienna, Milan, and Paris, from 12th March to 3rd April, where he will showcase his new song to global fans. JUNNY’s new single “Optimist” shows his global growth as an artist and will be released on various online music platforms at 12:00 PM on 13th March (KST).

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