BLIZTERS to Return with New Single Macarena, Shares Unique Retro-Style Teaser

Photo Cr: WUZO Entertainment 

Group BLITZERS (JINHWA, GO_U, JUHAN, SYA, CHRIS, LUTAN, and WOOJU) is coming back to the stage with a new single.

WUZO Entertainment, the management company of BLITZERS, announced the group’s comeback with the teaser image of the second single, Macarena, on their social media at midnight on April 10.

The released teaser image has a retro design of a poster with a slogan from the old days, with people excitedly dancing on the blue globe with Seoul in the center.

Colorful and delightful drawings of people all dancing different moves, animals, white clouds, trees, etc., and the large slogan saying “Expanding From Seoul to the World with Macarena” all stir curiosity about the new single from the group.

Plus, the title of the new single, Macarena, and the release date and time of April 24th, 2023, 6 PM, is written on the image, both arousing the expectations of K-pop fans from around the globe that were waiting for BLITZERS to come back.

Because the name of the new single is the same as the sensational song Macarena which hit the 90s

being on the top of the Billboard Hot 100 Chart for 14 weeks with its catchy dance moves, the attention for the BLITZERS’ version of Macarena is sky-rocketing.

The group’s anticipated comeback is now happening 9 months after the release of the third mini album WIN-DOW, which was released in July of last year.

BLITZERS beat their own initial sales record (sales within the first week of an album’s release) with way over 50,000 albums sold and reached a successful record of being on the top 10 list of the real-time and daily record of the Hanteo Chart, all showing great presence of a global hot rookie.

With all the love from the fans, BLITZERS were able to tour Europe last October for the first time after their debut, touring 8 countries and 12 cities, starting with Milan of Italy, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany, boosting their global presence.

With the relentless work and growth the group showed through the album activities, soundtracks, variety shows, web dramas, etc., of last year, how will the BLITZERS excite the global market again with their new music and performance?

The second single, Macarena of the BLITZERS, will be released in all major music services at 6 PM on April 24. 

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