Mnet's Queendom Puzzle to Begin Broadcast in June


Mnet's "Queendom Puzzle" is confirmed to have its first broadcast in June of  this year. "Queendom Puzzle" is an entertainment show that combines existing girl group members or female artists like puzzles to complete the strongest global project girl group.

The series program of Mnet's "Queendom" connecting "Comeback War: Queendom" and "Queendom 2". "Queendom" started in 2019 and drew attention by presenting colorful performances of K-POP girl groups and rediscovering new charms.

The "Queendom Puzzle" heralds a completely new format and fun. Unlike the previous season, "Queendom Puzzle" will be based on individuals, not groups, and participating artists will compete for the final member position of the project girl group.

The expected point and difference is that you can see girl group performances consisting of new combinations every time. A new "group" that is completed by matching each existing girl group member like a puzzle is expected to appear in each contest to convey a different charm and story. 

Existing girl group members and female artists are also expected to challenge concepts they have never tried before and show fresh musical charm to K-POP fans at home and abroad.

The production team of "Queendom Puzzle" said, "It will be a time to rediscover the individuality and charm of each existing girl group member," adding, "You will find it fun to recombine in a different way." He added a surprise preview, saying, "We will release a lineup of participating artists in May that will surprise everyone."

Many have already deciphered the mysterious code in the video  IURP WZHQWB HLJKW WR VHYHQ to mean "FROM TWENTY EIGHT TO SEVEN -- meaning there will be 28 artists to form a 7 member group. 

The line up of participating artists will be revealed in May. What do you think of this version of QUEENDOM so far? Let us know @kpopwise!

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