K-Pop's Favourite Rebels are Back with Xdinary Heroes "Freakin' Bad" MV

Xdinary Heroes
(XD), our lovable delinquents from JYP Entertainment, have just come back with their 3rd mini-album "Deadlock", featuring the MV for their title track "Freakin' Bad". After their 2021 debut, the group is uniquely known for actually being a rock band and playing their own instruments; with leader Gun-il on drums, Jungsu and O.de on keyboard and synthesizer, Gaon and Jun Han on electric guitar, and Jooyeon on bass. The members also take part in the production and lyrics of their music.

The tracklist for "Deadlock" contains 7 songs:

1. Come Into my Head 

2. Freakin' Bad (Title)

3. Bicycle 

4. Checkmate 

5. Good Enough 

6. Man in the Box 

7. Dear H. 

Previously, the boys of XD had been seen playing the role of various "rebellious" or "outsider" characters, and continue the storyline in "Freakin' Bad", where they took on the roles of carefree fugitives, constantly seen colliding with the law. The bold punk-rock, unbothered vibe of the song makes it a perfect addition to their already impressive repertoire, and no doubt makes it the perfect track for the approaching summer. 

Check out the MV yourself here!

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