BTS V Reveals Details of His First Solo Album in Collaboration with Min Hee-Jin

BTS member V has confirmed the details of his upcoming first solo album. In a press release today (August 2nd) BigHit Music announced V is not only working on his solo album but will be working alongside Min Hee-jin. At the suggestion of V Min Hee-jin will lead the overall production of his album, and other elements such as choreography, design, and promotion. Min Hee-jin who is the creative director of New Jeans said about the collaboration.

"I received an offer at the end of last year. At first, I was hesitant because of the schedule, but I found V's attitude and passion, and his tone unknown, interesting. At the same time, I prepared music that I want to suggest. Rather than a familiar style, I focused on the music we want to do and the music we can digest well. We were busy without blinking our eyes, but it seems like an interesting work has come out." 

With the members having success with their solo albums, the excitement continues and fans have been patiently anticipating V's plans. In anticipation of his upcoming Talking about the upcoming release V states he’s "Nervous but happy, this album is full of my tastes. There will be plenty to see." He added, "I prepared it thinking that ARMYs would be happy, so please look forward to it. You will be able to see a new side of V as a solo singer, different from BTS's V." 

V has expressed his love for jazz and the genre recently releasing Le Jazz De V session for the festa period, whether this genre will be explored is unknown. However, each solo debut for the BTS members has been a 180 on what fans have expected. Details such as the release date of V’s solo album will be released at a later date.

So far V’s solo works to date have included soundtracks for K-dramas Itaewon Class (“Sweet Night”) Hwarang in which he starred (“It’s Definitely You” feat Jin BTS) and Our Beloved Summer (“Christmas Tree”). In December 2022 he released a jazz cover of “It’s Beginning to Look alot Like Christmas” on Soundcloud for fans.


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