[Photo Gallery + Concert Review] KARD Rings the Alarm in Washington, D.C!

The 4 piece K-pop group, KARD came to Washington, D.C on July 19, 2023 and brought their fun and passionate energy to the stage for their fans affectionately called, HIDDEN KARD and for those who became new fans that night. 

They began their concert with their new song, Icky which is irresistibly catchy and has a choreography that also has a tiktok challenge.  KARD performed the song two times and filmed a tiktok video with the crowd in D.C as they all danced together. 

Throughout the setlist there was a mix of new songs like 'Cake' from their new album and older songs like 'Hola Hola'. HIDDEN  KARD reacted in a sea full of cheers filled with joy over hearing  KARD performing live that night. 

The tour is called the Playground Tour 2023. The tour poster features each member dressed in bright, colorful clothing posed in different locations of a grunge, metal structure that looks like it was once a playground. Which I believe is symbolism for how  KARD is a group who brings the party and their lively energy when they are on stage performing. The world becomes their playground, life becomes colorful, their music makes you want to dance and sing with them and you'll feel a sense of wonder and happiness when seeing  KARD live. 

Check out the photo gallery here! 

Photography and Words by Katana Carson 

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