[Concert Review] KARD Gets ICKY in Washington D.C.

Photo Cr. KARD by Katana Carson for KpopWise 

“I hope today will be a detox from all the anxiety, depression and BS in life” - BM

With the tour title being “Playground,” KARD explained that when one looks back at their time as a child, the playground was a place to be carefree. When at the playground, one is not worried about the outside world, past or future; they are enjoying the present as it is. KARD stayed true to that sentiment throughout the concert.

The concert was not due to begin until 7:30pm but fans arrived at the venue hours prior. And true to K-Pop concert culture, Hidden KARDs were dolled up in their best attire. Green seemed to be the color of the night, reflective of KARD’s current ICKY era. Speaking of which, the quartet opened with that most recent hit.

Photo Cr. KARD by Katana Carson for KpopWise

Clothed in personalized denim heavy attire, the first quarter of the show was filled with a mixture of throwbacks and current tracks. The exciting atmosphere was maintained throughout the night as KARD’s overall setlist consisted of majority high-energy songs, with only one VCR break. It was evident that the quartet wanted to spend as much time on stage as possible.

This was KARD’s third time in Washington D.C. but this particular stop of the Playground tour was a special one because it was held on the quartet’s debut date, July 19th. It has been 6 years since their debut Album so KARD reminisced while performing older tracks such as “Oh Na Na” and “Hola Hola.”

Photo Cr. Somin and BM by Katana Carson for KpopWise 

The first quarter of the concert ended with the quartet splitting up into units. Somin and Jiwoo performed a fierce duet featuring their unit song “Fxxk You,” followed by BM’s solo performance of “LIE (Lost in Euphoria)” and “Broken Me.” J.Seph later joined BM on stage for “Been That Boy.”

The venue was very intimate which afforded KARD some room to be extremely interactive with fans, constantly pointing out entertaining posters and responding to the crowd’s messages. Through this intimate setting, KARD’s playful relationship with their fans really shined through. 

To kick start the encore, KARD brought up a spinning wheel on stage to decide what the encore song should be. Though the wheel did not land on “Red Moon,” that’s what the fans wanted to hear so KARD gladly performed that song. The concert went full circle as the idols taught fans the ICKY challenge then performed it for the second time but this time with Hidden KARDs.

Photo Cr. Somin and Jiwoo by Katana Carson for KpopWise 

The exciting night ended with BM and Jiwoo throwing their encore T-shirts to two lucky fans who caught them in the crowd. The quartet still has a handful of stops within the United States then will be heading abroad to meet Hidden KARDs in Europe.

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