[Review] KCON LA 2023 Day 1 Gets the Party Started with NMIXX, CRAVITY, WayV, Taemin, and More


Day 1 Convention 

August 18 began Day 1 of the world's largest convention of Korean culture and music KCON LA 2023. By 9 a.m., people were already lining up to check into the convention.

The ZEROBASEONE booth contained a cake welcoming fans reading “Hello KCONers” The dance group BCB performed a special stage called ‘Dear KPOP with Love” covering hit K-pop songs.

Piao performed at KCON for the first time at the KCON stage, shared that she is a K-pop fan herself, and covered Taeyang's 'Eyes, Nose, Lips.' 

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8TURN at KCON 2023 

8TURN sits down with fans and answers questions. 



CRAVITY took the stage to teach Korean words from their lyrics to the audience in an activity led by host Lai Frances. The members showed how to properly greet in Korean culture and went over how to say certain words. One word was beautiful or (아름다운 pronounced “aleumdaun”). The group did a few s to songs such as 'Super Shy' by New Jeans.

Just B at KCON 2023

Just B greeted and played guessing games with fans. 


LIMELIGHT greeted and also played games with fans.


NMIXX met fans at the VIKI booth and answered questions. They took a photo with a fan at the photo booth.

WayV made their first appearance at KCON. They play a game at the KCON Stage where they are tested on how well they know each other. Yangyang jokes “I don’t think we’re that close to each other” as the group often wrote incorrect answers for each member.


Shownu and Hyungwon took over the main stage. Sharing their excitement to perform at KCON. The pair briefly danced to a few of their songs, 'Love Me a Little' made the crowd cheer loudly as expected. The two shared their desire to return to KCON as a whole group one day to which the crowd reacted loudly and positively to.

All convention photography by Emma V. 

Day 1 Concert

Rookie groups Limelight and 8TURN opened the night for the pre-show performing their latest songs 'Madeleine' and  'EXCEL.' WayV made a stunning debut to the KCON stage with it's KCON's theme song 'Poppia.

IVE's Wonyoung captivated with her beauty as the event's special MC NMIXX performed their recent song 'Party O' Clock' and 'Rollercoaster.' Cravity performed 'Groovy' and 'Baddie.'

Taeyong appeared in the audience as MC to the surprise and delight of fans and introduced WayV. Wayv returns to the stage for the main performance and performed 'Love Talk (English Ver.)'

The group played a game called 
CCCV. The members did poses with their fans to the screen, and then the group followed up with their next song, 'Phantom.'

IVE performed their hit songs 'Kitsch' and 'Love Dive.'

 returns to the stage to join fellow NCT member Taeyong in a special NCT U stage where the duo performed the anticipated song 'Baby Don’t Stop.'

NMIXX returns to the stage for the Gen Z pop special where they cover their seniors TWICE’s track 'The Feels.'

Shownu and Hyungwon perform as a duo at KCON for the first time with their songs 'Love Me a Little' and a special 2-member version of 'Who Do You Love.' For the KCON DANCE DANCE game, with the help of the audience, the two did dance covers of popular K-pop songs such as Seventeen’s Hot and GIDLE’s Tomboy. 

Taeyong performs as a solo act for the first time at KCON after an epic intro. He performs tracks 'Shalala' and 'Gwando' from his latest album.

IVE returned to the stage for dream stage in which fans perform alongside them for the song 'I Am.'

15-year veteran, Taemin is introduced to the stage as a highly anticipated act performing 'Advice' after a big intro. He walks around the stage to greet and interact briefly with fans. He also performs 'Criminal' and one of his most iconic songs 'Move.'

Taeyong comes to greet Taemin on stage briefly after the performance to hand him a Samsung phone on a selfie stick. Taemin cutely looks confused and Taeyong explains to him that he’s supposed to hold it to record himself. The ending ceremony commences as idols wave to fans under a flurry of confetti.

Review by Emma V. 

All concert photos provided by CJ ENM

Edited by Ciera R. 

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