[Review] KCON LA 2023 Day 3: Stray Kids, ITZY, (G)I-DLE, and More Deliver Explosive Conclusion



Day 3 Convention 

(G)-IDLE at KCON 2023

(G)I-DLE answered questions and did K-pop dance covers on the main convention stage. They pick out nicknames for themselves. Yuqi is confused about what “baddie” means and is pleased once she learns what it means. Minnie asks the audience for a word that describes her and the audience says “mother”. She finds the word amusing but agrees because she trusts the fans.

JO1 arrived to the main stage for their first appearance at KCON LA. The event is titled “First Time in LA” fittingly because this is their first trip here. The boys play drawing games where they draw notable American things such as Griffith Observatory and McDonald's. Sho is surprised by how McDonald's meals look in America. Shosei and Syoya did not win any points in the game so they jokingly sit on the floor while the others eat.


ATEEZ appear on the main stage to play games and answer questions on whiteboards in a segment hosted by Jojo Wright. In true ATEEZ fashion, the boys get plenty of laughs from the audience from their interactions. One question asks about emojis and Wooyoung innocently asks if it’s referring to iPhone ones to which leader Hongjoong gives him a nudge to remind him that Samsung is sponsoring this event. He embarrassingly takes back what he said as the audience breaks into laughter.

Photo Cr. // CJ ENM 

ITZY selected the winning dancers for the Dream Stage later that night. 

Photo Cr. // CJ ENM 


XG at KCON 2023 

Later in the day, the KCON showcase starts. XG was a clear crowd-pleaser. Riize, a pre-debut group under SM, makes a KCON debut on the stage.

Photo Cr. // CJ ENM 

Review and gallery convention photography by Emma V. for KpopWise

Day 3 Concert

For the pre-show, cover group Lalary led by former K-pop survival show contestant Eddie, takes the stage to perform.

Just B opens the main show with hits like 'Me +Re =Load' gathering new fans along the way.

Riize makes a surprise appearance to the stage which leaves the audience in shock as this appearance was not previously announced.

Everglow and Lapillus put on a grand collaboration stage of 'Girls on Top' by BoA together.

Chan, leader of Stray Kids returns to KCON LA and takes on his role of MC once more. He does his usual genuine lap around the stage to ensure he greets every fan.

JO1 take the stage for their very first KCON LA performance performing their recent release 'Radiovision.' They announced that the album is set to release next month. In a surprising next performance, JO1 performs 'Trigger', one of their B-sides.

Road to KCON winner Lapillus performed their latest song 'Who's Next' and debut song 'Hit Ya.' 

Destiny Rogers came out for a Special Stage of 'Tomboy.'  

THE BOYZ special unit performed 'Passion Fruit' off their recent album, not forgetting to reveal abs in the process.   

EVERGLOW took to the stage to perform 'Slay' which was only released two days prior and followed up with a mix of 'Dub Dun' and 'LA DI DA.' 

ITZY performed 'Cake' in a fireworks-filled stage. Next, the girls perform 'None of My Business,' a surprising choice from their recent album. The girls perform sneakers while walking to all corners of the stage to interact with fans.

THE BOYZ performed their recent song 'Lip Gloss.' They played the game Dance Dance in which the audience guesses the 5 K-pop songs represented by the emojis on the screen. When all songs are guessed correctly THE BOYZ gets ending fairy poses at the end of their upbeat song 'Thrill Ride.' 

JO1 returns to the stage for GEN Z Pop special with a powerful cover of 'Super' by SEVENTEEN

(G)I-DLE performed 'Queencard' as well as 'My bag' and 'Tomboy.'

ITZY returns alongside midzys on the stage for the Dream Stage version of 'Wannabe.'

Stray Kids makes a usual epic entrance to the stage as the most highly anticipated act of the night. The group starts off with 'S-Class' on a stage filled with smoke and confetti. The boys interact with the audience in a CCCV game where the camera pans to different fans to do poses.

In a fun throwback, Stray Kids revisits their early work and performs 'District 9' for a special “Hi My First” segment at KCON. They go on to perform 'Super Bowl' and 'Top Line' from their recent album, all of which are performed for the first time ever to an LA crowd. Surprisingly, the boys head down the stairs in order to get even closer to fans at the barricade and aisle seats.

After an epic performance, all artists join together for the usual KCON goodbye. Once all the artists go around the stage one last time, Hyunjin happily runs across the entire perimeter of the stage to say a last goodbye.

Review by Emma V. 

All concert photos provided by CJ ENM

Edited by Ciera R.

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