[Review] KCON LA 2023 Day 2 Continues the Momentum with ATEEZ, ZEROBASEONE, Kep1er, xikers, and More

Day 2 Convention

Day 2 of KCON LA 2023! The day is filled with exciting panels. 8TURN joined makeup influencer Jooshica for a kpop makeup master class.

In another room, Lai Frances hosts a panel with Producer/Director Kim Sin Young to discuss the creation of ZEROBASEONE. A day before this panel, there was a surprise announcement that Matthew and Ricky would be in attendance for this conversation.

Matthew and Ricky of ZEROBASEONE

Ricky and Matthew at KCON 2023 

The boys discussed their experiences on the show while also watching back clips of memorable and impactful moments from each of the members. The audience had lots of fun reminiscing on special moments from the show while also learning about additional details from the boys and Sin Young.


Kep1er at KCON 2023 

Kep1er answered questions on the main stage and see how well they know each other.


xikers KCON LA 2023 

xikers dance together to popular Kpop songs on the main KCON Stage. Their brief cover of bouncy by seniors ATEEZ was a hit with the audience and the boys put on a performance that would’ve made their seniors very proud!


INI at KCON 2023 

INI joined the main stage for their second appearance at the KCON event. The boys dance to their top songs such as Password and Fanfare while singing into their mics.



VERIVERY hit the showcase stage and also played games with audience participation. 

Review and convention photography by Emma V. 

Day 2 Concert

The concert kicked off with XG covering 2NE1's iconic song 'I am the Best' doing the song justice in the way that would be expected of XG. INI covered 'Fire' by worldwide icon BTS. Then ATEEZ took the stage with a performance of 'Wonderland' that literally shook the venue.

Special host RAIN appeared to introduce the concert. Japanese boy group INI treated fans to the Korean version of 'Fanfare' after greetings, the group performed 'Drop.' Kep1er followed up with groovy 'Giddy' and B-side track 'Back to the City.'

ZEROBASEONE's Hanbin, Matthew, and Gyuvin came out to greet fans and introduce fellow super rookie group XG. XG electrified the stage with their girl power anthems 'TGIF' and 'GIRL GVNG.'

xikers surprised the audience by beginning their with the rapline's 'Intro: Gulliver' coming down the stairs between the crowd. The group sang their newest songs 'Homeboy' and 'Do or Die.'

Following their little brothers' performances Mingi and Hongjoong came out to introduce ZEROBASEONE. After an eye-candy intro, the group performed their debut song 'IN BLOOM.' In between songs, the group played the KCON DANCE DANCE game, where they had to guess 5 K-pop songs represented by sets of emoji puzzles to win ending fairy shots, the group then performed 'New Kidz on the Block' with their winnings. Kep1er returned to the stage for the Gen-Z Pop Special stage and slayed a 'Mr.Mr' by Girls' Generation. 

Veteran singer RAIN performed 'Rainism,' finally returning to a stage in LA after many years. He followed with 'Domestic.' After recovering his shirt, he finished off with the 'La Song' with the participation of the KCON audience. 

ZEROBASEONE's Zhang Hao, Ricky, and GUNWOOK introduced the Dream Stage featuring KCON dancers finalists and performed the Boys Planet theme 'Here I Am.'

ATEEZ returned to finish up the KCON night. They burned up the stage with their latest song 'BOUNCY,' afterward the group played the KCON CCCV game where they posed with fans. They did the Hi-My First stage, giving us a throwback with 'Pirate King' and ending on a powerful note with 'Guerilla'. 

The concert ended with all of the artists waving goodbye to their precious fans. 

Review by Ciera R. 

All concert photos provided by CJ ENM

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