[Exclusive Interview] Singer Songwriter Sebi Ali Navigates Life with a 5%TINT


LA-based, Uyghur R&B singer-songwriter Sebi Ali released his latest single '5%TINT' on August 11. With a voice that resonates with emotion and lyrics, Sebi Ali has carved out a unique space for himself in the music industry with his soulful R&B sound. As we have a sit down with Sebi Ali, we gain insight into the creative process behind and uncover the story behind '5%TINT' while learning how experiences and passions intertwine to create the mesmerizing music that continues to captivate listeners.

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"5%TINT" has a unique title. Could you share with us the story behind the title and how it relates to the theme of the song?

The 5% tint on car windows serves as a metaphor for the obscured view of the world outside, mirroring my foggy vision as I navigate the turbulence of existence. 

Can you give us insight into the emotions you aimed to convey through "5%TINT" and what inspired those feelings?

The song dances with contrasts, weaving in themes of lust, passion, and intimacy, juxtaposed against a yearning for emotional connection and the craving to be seen and accepted for who I truly am. I usually just get my inspo right from the source, once I'm locked in, it's there. 

The production and musical arrangement of "5%TINT" create a distinct atmosphere perfect for cruising in the car. How did you work to achieve the song's vibe?

With the usual R&B stuff that I do, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone with this song, so I had one of my Best friends Miles to help write me some lyrics with trap rap influences that create a mesmerizing fusion. Shout out to MLB Havoc for helping with the song, couldn't have done it without him. Love and miss him every day.

Could you elaborate on the song's lyrical themes and what you hope listeners will take away from them?

It's a song that makes you reflect on your own emotions and experiences, drawing you into the world of self-discovery and spiritual exploration.

Do you incorporate your personal experiences and perspectives into "5%TINT," and why is it important for you to share them with your audience?

Of course, it is very important for me to tap into my own experiences and perspective. Amidst dreams of a life far away, beyond the horizon, we discover that being true to yourself is the ultimate destination, and I want my fans to know that, and love how unique each and every one of them are.

The song's melody and vocal delivery are captivating. How did you approach your vocal performance on "5%TINT," and did you experiment with any new techniques?

Most definitely, as I said this song has heavy Trap rap influence so I definitely rapped a little, which I don't usually do, and I also added the rap part into the Hook and made it part of the Hook, which was pretty cool.

Is there anybody that you would love to collab with? 

I would love to collaborate with Rodney Jerkins one day, and Timberland also.

What's your dream car? 

It's the Mercedes GLE63 AMG at the moment, that and a Lamborghini Urus

Do you have a message for fans and supporters of your music? 

If you have a dream, go for it; dream big! Never be afraid to fail, because without failing, there's no learning, and without learning, there is no progress. Have faith; believe in something bigger than yourself, something greater than you. Always choose love; life is short, so enjoy it with a positive attitude and perspective.

What's the next chapter for Sebi Ali? Are there any upcoming projects or milestones that you're excited to pursue?

I have been patiently waiting for this chapter, and it's finally here. Yes, there's a brand new single to start off this new chapter with, which i'm super excited for, it’s called “Fasho” and I collaborated with my friends Will and Sterling Gittens, super talented artist, songwriter producers. I’m looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me in this chapter.

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Special Thanks to Sebi Ali for the interview!

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