Seventeen Announce Surprise Collaboration with Iconic Group New Kids On The Block

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PLEDIS Entertainment

A surprise awaits Carats with Seventeen announcing on August 31st a surprise collaboration with American boy group New Kids On the Block. The 13-piece will feature on a remix version of “Dirty Dancing” originally released by New Kids On The Block back in 2008.

Recently, the American group hinted at something exciting with a tweet that simply said "17", which was then shared by Seventeen. The collaboration will be released on 1st September at 1 pm KST, If this wasn't enough Seventeen announced they’d be making a comeback this October. The group will release their 11th mini album with more details to follow. 

August 29th saw Pledis Entertainment confirm the news, "It's true they're making a comeback with their 11th mini album at the end of October. They're currently in the final stage of preparation for their album. We'll announce the exact comeback date."

Leader S. Coups who is currently on rest due to surgery for a torn ACL will be joining the group for comeback promotions.

PLEDIS Entertainment

The group has had a busy year in 2023, as they released their 10th mini album 'FML' on April 24th. This album broke records with the highest number of pre-orders for a K-pop album, reaching 4.64 million. Following its release, FML became the fastest-selling K-pop album ever, with 3.9 million first-day sales. It also secured the number 2 spot on Billboard 200.

Since the release carats have been able to indulge in fun with the offline event ‘Seventeen Street,’ July’s Follow The Seoul Tour. Japan will see the group take a mini-residency Follow To Japan in across five cities in September, November, and December retrospectively.

August 23rd also saw the release of ‘Seventeeen Japan Best Album (Always Yours)’ a best of album compiled from their original Japanese songs. The album also featured two Japanese new songs pre-release “Sara Sara” and “Ima-Even If The World Ends Tomorrow.” In which a charming and complex music video accompanied on release day.

With a lot of seventeen music coming soon, what are you most excited to hear? Let us know, and be sure to follow Kpop Wise for all the latest on your favorite Idols!

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