SEVENUS Re-debuts with First Single Album "Summús"

Duo SEVENUS (Heejae and Ireah) have re-debuted with their first single album "Summús" on July 31, 2023. 

The single album includes a total of 4 tracks, 'Summer Ride,' the title track 'Wonder Land,' 'In a Dream,' and 'Wonder Land' Instrumental. 

'Wonder Land' Music Video

Comeback stage on The Show Aug 1

SEVENUS appeared as 2 members of the group MASC on the JBTC reboot survival show Peak Time earlier this year garnering much attention for their awesome vocal and performance skills earning them a position in the top 6. 

The members went on to form the duo and change their name to SEVENUS. The name is symbolic of their Peak Time team name "7:00" and combined with the word "us." The group is also actively promoting on the Peak Time concert tour with their next concert in Macau on September 3.

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