Xdinary Heroes Break Out with Chaotically Liberating "Break the Brake" MV

Xdinary Heroes (XD) are back with more punk-rock goodness with their newest mini-album "Livelock". 

After 6 months since their last release "Deadlock", "Livelock" is the groups 4th mini-album with the title track "Break the Brake" - a strong rock track about speeding your way to liberation, with the MV featuring the 6 members in an action-packed prison break on a Western style train. 

The album contains 7 songs:

1. Freddy

2. Break the Brake (Title)


4. Enemy

5. Bad Chemical

6. Paranoid


The group were heavily involved in the production of the tracks, as they are credited for lyrics and composition for almost all the songs in the album, oftentimes both, such as with the title track. 

"Livelock" is now available globally across multiple platforms. Xdinary Heroes will also be heading across the globe as they are due to appear in London for "Korea on Stage" in November, as well as embarking on a world tour.

So, what's your favourite track on this album? Be sure to let us know here at KpopWise, and follow for more!

May S

May is a London-based freelance writer and fiction author, holding a Masters degree in Psychoanalysis. Being a long standing K-Pop fan since 2012, some of her favourite acts are 2NE1, IU, Dean, BTS, WJSN, TXT, ATEEZ, Xdinary Heroes and many more. Frankly, she finds it too hard to choose. Contact on twt/inst: @WriterMay_S

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