ENHYPEN Closes FATE Tour in Clark, PH: ‘I’m just so happy that we saved the best for last’

OH MY, OH MY GOD! Indeed.

In the heart of Tarlac, Philippines, on a memorable Saturday evening, the pulsating beats of K-pop group ENHYPEN echoed through the New Clark City Stadium. The fervent fans, known as ENGENEs, gathered in a staggering display of support for Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Ni-ki, marking a triumphant return after a year since their 3-Day MANIFESTO tour held in MOA Arena.

To celebrate the anniversary of the group’s previous visit and the historic event of being the first K-Pop act to perform at the NCC Stadium, Filipino ENGENEs orchestrated a day everyone will surely remember. Despite the three-hour journey from Manila, 25,000 fans eagerly flocked, not just to witness a spectacular show but also to spectate the hard work fellow Filo-ENGENEs put into creating an unforgettable moment for the group and their fans alike. Free bus shuttle services adorned with faces of individual members, numerous booths offering freebies, and a mini carnival with complimentary rides that were also open to non-concert goers transformed the event into a joyous celebration before the show.

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Lined up, fans who couldn’t roam around before strapping also took the chance to get to know other ENGENEs by happily exchanging ENHYPEN-inspired gifts and merchandise.

Another main surprise Filo-ENGENEs prepared was an aerial banner that flew across the stadium during ENHYPEN’s soundcheck to remind the members of the fans’ love and greet the group’s leader with an advanced happy birthday.


The concert started at 7 PM with the members, adorned in white and gold-embellished suits, taking the stage. The opening set was a true masterpiece, showing off each individual's “power” based on their lore and concept. The stage featured a visual spectacle with massive LED screens, striking VCRs, pyrotechnics, confetti, and other stage gimmicks that left the fans in awe. The group launched into "Drunk-Dazed," followed by a dance break and the electrifying "Blockbuster."


ENHYPEN's high energy persisted with edgy, rock renditions of their hits like "Attention, please!" with Jay captivating the audience with his superb electric guitar skills. The pulsating rhythm continued with powerful performances of "Fever," "Flicker," "Future Perfect," "Blessed-Cursed," "ParadoXXX Invasion," and "Tamed-Dashed."

Switching gears, the atmosphere mellowed during unit stages, where Jake, Jay, Sunghoon, and Sunoo serenaded the crowd with an acoustic version of "TFW (That Feeling When)," while Heeseung showcased his piano skills in the "Just a Little Bit" performance alongside Jungwon and Ni-ki.


The energy of Filipino ENGENEs remained undiminished, with every performance being met by thunderous cheers. ENHYPEN praised the crowd for their unmatched passion and didn’t miss the chance to tell them about their excitement about coming back to the country.


Beyond their group performances, each member had surprises for the fans. Ni-ki got the crowd howling with his solo dance performance to the song “Like This,” Sunoo performed a rendition of "Moving Closer" by Filipino band Never the Strangers, Sunghoon showcased a dance cover of SB19’s hit track "Gento," Heeseung delivered his take on OPM singer Zack Tabudlo’s “Give Me Your Forever,” and Jake serenaded the crowd with a snippet of his audition piece, Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself”—a song he didn’t prepare, but happily sung after ENGENEs’ request.

The crowd reciprocated all the thoughtful surprises with numerous fan projects, including the bright sea of handmade orange flowers while singing the group's song, Orange Flower. They also sang happy birthday for Jungwon while holding up blue luminous roses. The group expressed their surprise and gratitude with Sunghoon even voicing out how he noticed ENGENEs kept bringing out surprises one after another.

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The lively atmosphere continued with upbeat performances of "10 Months," "One and Only” (the group’s collaborative single with Pokémon) with several Pikachu mascots joining ENHYPEN on stage, and "Shout Out." During the “Polaroid Love'' stage, members rode carts to engage with fans up close, creating an even more intimate connection.

As the show approached its climax, ENHYPEN sustained their intensity with back-to-back performances of "Chaconne," "Bills," "Criminal Love," "Bite Me," and their latest single, "Sweet Venom."


Fireworks started blasting off during the encore set when “Karma” was being performed, leaving goosebumps, and priceless happiness in every concertgoer’s heart. The group also performed an even more energetic “One in a Billion” and “Future Perfect” before hopping onto the carts again for another round of intimate hi’s and hello’s with the whole stadium.

The reciprocal energy between ENHYPEN and Filo-ENGENEs was evident throughout the show. Before the hard goodbyes, the group expressed their heartfelt gratitude. The crowd burst with glee after Jake shared, “I’m just so happy that we saved the best for last. Ending the FATE Tour with such an amazing audience and amazing people. [...] From the bottom of my heart, I truly cherish you guys. I truly love you guys. Always, mahal kita (I love you).” 


As the Philippines marked the final stop before ENHYPEN’s FATE PLUS encore shows beginning in Seoul this Feb 23rd, ENHYPEN promised their Filipino fans a swift return.

The FATE tour not only marked a milestone for ENHYPEN but also solidified the unbreakable bond between the group and their passionate ENGENEs.

Claui Sta. Ana

Claui Sta. Ana, who sometimes goes by her artist name "Saint," is a Philippines-based writer and an all-around artist who loves transcending culture and language barriers. She has been a K-pop fan since the 2010s and continues to stan multiple groups, including global sensation BTS. Writing is her first love, but she also dreams of hosting an art exhibit and releasing songs in the future. Find her @claui__ on Instagram.

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