Jeff Satur Releases His First Full Album "Space Shuttle No.8"

Jeff Satur has released his first full album on February 8. In the 18 track album, there are easter eggs and details that give us clues into the deep and complex mind of multi-talented artist Jeff Satur.

Jeff has become a musical force to be reckoned with, blending a fresh and modern mix of genres such as pop, R&B, rock, hip-hop, and 80s sounds. With nine focus singles released under the banner of Warner Music Thailand since November 2021, Jeff has amassed an impressive 432 million streams to date.

Having successfully filled venues for his upcoming tour "Jeff Satur: Space Shuttle No.8 Asia Tour” with added shows in Taipei and Bangkok, Jeff is now ready to give his fans the full journey through his music.

The focus track for the album release is “Yellow Leaf”, a melancholic stripped down love song that describes the overwhelming feelings of love you can have for someone. 

“When autumn leaves turn yellow and fall, the sheer quantity of them seems impossible to compare to how much I love you. The feelings I have for you, no matter how much time passes, will never run out.”

The music video for “Yellow Leaf” actually continues from “Ghost” which as of 7th February is trending at #29 in the Global YouTube Charts and has reached #1 in Thailand YouTube Charts. The second part of the story is a guaranteed tear jerker.

The album "Space Shuttle No.8" will be a treat for new and old fans of Jeff, as they pick apart and identify easter eggs that celebrate Jeff’s relationship with Saturdays with themes such as ‘Mr. Sunshine’, ‘A Laceleaf Flower’, “Clocks”, and many other symbols that contain special meanings for Jeff and his journey so far. 

Listen to "Space Shuttle No.8"

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