2nd and 3rd Generation K-pop Girl Group Idols Team Up for "Miss Back" Reunion Concert

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Second and third generation K-pop girl group members will be holding concert. 

Nine Muses' Sera, After School's Raina, Wassup's Nada, Stellar's Gayoung, and The Ark's Jung Yu-jin who participated in MBN's 2020-2021 show Miss Back will be performing at the event. 

Ryu Sera, who debuted with 'Nine Muses' in 2010 and has been active for about 14 years, becomes the eldest member of 'This Generation'. After leaving the group, Ryu Sera has been releasing solo songs and OSTs and sharing her current status through YouTube.

Raina debuted as a member of the group After School in 2009 and also became popular with her unit group Orange Caramel. After parting ways with her agency, Pledis Entertainment, at the end of 2019, he announced a new start as a solo artist and is actively working on OST releases, broadcast appearances, musicals, and even YouTube.

Nada, who debuted in the hip-hop group 'Wassup' in 2013, attracted attention by being the first Korean girl group to introduce twerking, and raised her awareness by taking second place in Unpretty Rapstar 3. Since then, Nada has been active by releasing her own web entertainment under her own name, as well as her solo songs and OSTs.

Kim Gayoung, who debuted as an actress and Stellar member in 2011 after becoming a hot topic with '2 Days & 1 Night', has established herself as an actress by appearing in movies, dramas, and plays after leaving the team in 2017 due to the expiration of her exclusive contract with her former agency. has been solidified.

Jung Yujin, who debuted with the girl group The Ark in 2015, re-debuted with MAIL after her group suddenly disbanded at some point and is now performing under her real name again. She recently appeared on 'Singer Again 3' and shared her current status.

They are known to be directly planning the performance venue, cue sheet, etc., starting with profile photography, and are preparing to meet fans through concerts.

Meanwhile, reservations for this generation's concert will begin on March 8 and the performance will be held on April 6. 

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