OnlyOneOf Fans Express Disappointment with "Point Session" Event Rules

OnlyOneOf's fandom expresses disappointment with the manner of how the upcoming fansign for "Point Session" will be conducted. 

LyOns, members of OnlyOneOf fandom, who anticipated attending the Point Session event scheduled for December 5, 2021, found out that it may be more difficult to get into than usual. 

Although it is common for fansign admissions to be based on a points system, many fans are concerned that people would not be able to meet what they describe as an exorbitant 7000 points requirement. Fans who did not meet the points requirement were canceled and removed from the scheduled upcoming fanmeeting.

The Point System

To qualify for the fanmeeting the fans will have to have an accumulation of a high number of points, taken from OnlyOneOf's physical albums that have been released until now. However, Point Cards are available in only the following CDs: "Produced by Myself Part 1",  "Produced by Myself Part 2" and "Instinct."

The cards are available in values of 0-20; at random in each cd. It has been estimated that one would have to buy anywhere from $500-700USD in the applicable OnlyOneOf CDs to make the total point requirement.

This cost has taken a heavy toll on an already estranged fanbase, after the numerous attempts to get feedback about the sudden departure of the group's leader Love back in August of this year. 

Fans express confusion at how the company can receive a profit by the promotion of “old” albums, particularly with a member that was removed from the group.

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Upcoming Japanese Debut 

Meanwhile, the plan for OnlyOneOf's Japanese debut has been announced on November 24. The group has had an active Japanese SNS channel and member's only website since its debut. 

However, some fans feel that the company has alienated Korean and international fans are now turning to the Japanese market. 

Hopefully, one day the fans and 8D entertainment will eventually reach an understanding. Until then, keep following KpopWise for more news about OnlyOneOf as well as other Kpop artists. 

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