[Exclusive Interview] SUPERKIND Talk MOODY, Dreams, and Favorite Stories from Behind the Scenes

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[Left to right: Seung, Daemon, JDV, Eugene, Geon, SiO, and Saejin]

Greeting to KpopWise 

SUPERKIND are a 7-piece boy group known for their unique concept of being the first Kpop group to have both human and AI members! Previously, they were only comprised of 5; Daemon, Eugene, Geon, SiO and Saejin (AI), and it was only recently that they saw the addition of their newest members JDV and Seung (AI). They're also described as the first "decentralised Kpop entertainment" group, meaning that their fans - also known as PLAYERS - actually get a say in what they do next! Almost as if they were playing a game. The group is currently split into two categories - NUKE and PRID, where "NUKE" refers to the virtual members, with "PRID" being the humans.

They originally debuted in the summer of 2022, with their first single "PlaySuperkind : Apply for a Beta Test" with the track "WATCH OUT", a fun and catchy tune where they demonstrated how they could integrate an AI not only in the song, but also in the choreography! They are now back with their newest single "PlaySuperkind: Player Gauge 200" with the title track "MOODY" - which took on a darker, more edgy turn, and featured their 2 newest members. 

We at KpopWise had the chance to catch up with SUPERKIND, and got to chat with them about their latest comeback, their inspirations, and what exactly it is that makes them so unique:

[Please introduce yourselves!]

DAEMON: This is DAEMON, the general leader of SUPERKIND. I'm a rapper and practice playing instruments and producing songs. I'm also the members' voice during company meetings.

SAEJIN: NUKE's leader and cotton candy hair boy, SAEJIN. I'm the main vocalist.

EUGENE: I'm the oldest member of SUPERKIND, EUGENE. I'm in charge of rapping and singing.

GEON: I'm in charge of PRID's physical. Muscular body and high-note sentimental vocalist, GEON!

SiO: I'm Sunshine SiO. I'm in the baritone vocal position. I'm mainly in charge of the chorus of our songs.

JDV: I'm the secret weapon who debuted through MOODY, JDV. I'm a vocalist, and I like to create choreography.

SEUNG: I'm Seung, the second NUKE member. I'm the tallest and have the lowest voice on
the team.

[How do you feel being the first AI + Human Kpop group?]

DAEMON: Personally, I was a fan of a movie about virtual reality called 'READY PLAYER ONE' and the band 'Gorillaz.' I am grateful that I could open the door to virtual reality in K-pop myself. Taking advantage of this position, we will make SUPERKIND a new paradigm for K-pop.

[Please introduce the concept of SUPERKIND]

SAEJIN: In our SUPERKIND story world, there are two factions, NUKE and PRID. Seung-i and I are NUKE. The human members are called PRID. You can also identify your faction
through the SUPERKIND test (https://simte.xyz/SUPERKIND).

[How was your chemistry with the new members, SEUNG and JDV?]

SiO: During the WATCH OUT era, I only had older brothers, so it was good to have JDV as a friend of the same age. We worked well together because we spent our trainee days together with JDV.

DAEMON: JDV was a highly anticipated member due to his outstanding skills. As expected, he is a remarkably improving member. I thought he was a professional, even though he was young.

JDV: Thank you for all your kind words. (Laughing shyly)

GEON: SEUNG is a cool guy, but I honestly like SAEJIN more.

SAEJIN: Haha. Thank you, GEON.

SEUNG: But still, I like you, GEON.

EUGENE: SEUNG and I repeatedly filmed together in the music video. It wasn't easy to act, but we came out well!

SEUNG: As NUKE, the first humans we meet are PRID members. They accept and consider us without any judgment. They also recognize us as colleagues so that we can work well together. I'm thankful to the members.

[Please introduce your new song “MOODY”?]

DAEMON: MOODY's melody is mysterious and intense, with a hidden love story. There are a lot of lyrics related to the music video story. We each took on the role of a specific student and acted it out, which was fun.

JDV: We finished recording MOODY after shooting the music video. As we got to act a lot, it helped me get immersed in the story world and do a better job.

EUGENE: Gisung, who I play, betrays SEUNG to break the "perfect circle" and sacrifices his life for his friends.

SEUNG: Who am I... It's a secret for those who haven't seen the music video yet. We worked hard on the shoot, so make sure to watch the MOODY music video!

[Are there any funny behind stories from filming the MVs/promotions/trainee days?]

SiO: In the choreography bridge part, there is a part where GEON and I make eye contact. I want to look at GEON into his eyes, but GEON says he can't because it's funny. So we only made eye contact for the first time when we filmed the music video.

GEON: I can't help but laugh when I look into your eyes!

EUGENE: I also have a pair dance with DAEMON, but we could be better at making eye

DAEMON: I made my eyes squint and looked at EUGENE.

SiO: The older members are very shy.

DAEMON: In the last choreography move, the ending pose, when EUGENE comes out and sits on SiO and my laps, he plays a prank that surprises me every time. In fact, EUGENE only sits on my lap, which isn't too hard since he's so light.

[Which style would you like to try in the next comeback?]

SiO: Since summer is approaching, and I like A-Ha's 'Take On Me', I would like to do a song
with the members in that atmosphere.

SAEJIN: I want to try songs that are as sweet and soft as my hair color.

GEON: I want us to be recognized for our skills. I want to try a song that shows powerful
group dance and also shows our vocal potential.

EUGENE: I want to sing a song with a refreshing atmosphere that suits summer. I want to try
a cute concept, too.

DAEMON: Since I like rock bands, I want to try punk rock. First, I'm going to grab the guitar. I hope SiO will be the frontman and JDV will play drums. GEON is sentimental, unlike his image. So I think he would look good if he played the keyboard. I hope EUGENE gets the coolest bass in the band.

JDV: I want to try a powerful, overwhelming, heavy hero concept like Avengers. I also want to try an oriental-style concept that feels like Aladdin.

SEUNG: I also want to have more NUKE members and compete with PRID.

SAEJIN: Don't fight for real, Seung!

[What made you become a KPOP artist?]

DAEMON: When I was about 12, watching Michael Jackson and Queen's performances on YouTube made me want to be on stage and pursue music. That's when I first covered Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal.' I imitated moonwalk but thought, 'Wait, do I have
talent?' because I could do it. Eventually, there were opportunities to perform on stage during the school festival, So I challenged myself to become a K-pop artist because I felt happy on stage.

EUGENE: As a student, I was comforted by listening to BTS's music during difficult times. It was cool to be able to impress and heal people through music. At the age of 20, I entered university and also joined an entertainment company. I decided I wanted to do more social activities than school, so I started a full-fledged trainee life... Eventually, I became an idol and fell for the charm of music and dance.

GEON: When I was in elementary school, I was addicted to computer games, and my mother suggested to go to karaoke to escape. While singing there, I found myself easily reaching the high notes that other friends couldn't. It was a new experience. Thanks to this, I became distant from games and met songs.

SiO: I grew up listening to K-pop since I was 4 or 5. My K-pop knowledge is probably like a master's degree. I also became interested in entertainment through dance and theater clubs at school and eventually was casted on the street. That's how I ended up as a K-pop artist.

JDV: I followed my friend's audition and auditioned on the spot at the staff's suggestion. Eventually, my friend failed, and I passed. At first, my dream was to be a singer-songwriter. But when I saw Taemin, I felt the charm of an idol and fell in love with K-pop.

[What genres of music do you personally enjoy? We'd love to hear your recommendations!]

DAEMON: I love rock. My all-time favorites are 'Drain You' and 'Lithium' by Nirvana. 'Lithium' is a simple song with concise lyrics. It's the song that first made me fall in love with Nirvana. As for 'Drain You,' I love the live video.

SAEJIN: I love free rock that breaks the mold, too. I recommend 'Come Back Home' by Seo Taiji and Boys, the godfathers of Korean rock.

EUGENE: I've been listening to a lot of pop lately. I often listen to Karina's 'Slow Motion. ' Her voice is beautiful, and the lyrics are memorable.

GEON: I love K-pop music, especially when it's uplifting, so I'll recommend ATEEZ's 'HALAZIA.' It's an energizing song.

JDV: I usually listen to Pop. I've been listening to the song 'How Do I Say Goodbye' - by Dean Lewis lately, so I recommend it.

SEUNG: I recommend AC/DC - 'Back in Black.' It makes me feel fabulous. The lyrics are like my story, too.

SiO: I love movies and often listen to movies' OST. Recently, I listened on loop to 'Pale Blue Eyes' from "Connection." I also listened to 'Tarzan Boy' for a long time after watching "Hot Summer Nights." It makes me feel like I'm in the movie.

[How do you want to be remembered as an artist?]

DAEMON: SUPERKIND is trying something new. It's a little scary, but I hope to be recognized as a pioneer in the future. When this new fictional world is established, I want to be remembered as the artist who started it. Personally, I want to be a good musician.

SAEJIN: I want to be an artist that symbolizes freedom. If people feel like they don't belong anywhere, look at us! It doesn't matter, look, I'm loved like this.

EUGENE: Someday, I want to be someone's idol. I want to be remembered as an artist who was better tomorrow than today and better the day after tomorrow.

GEON: I want to be an artist my fans can be proud of. I want to be a 'super-kind' person who is especially good at what they do but that also brings comfort to their fans.

SiO: Lately, I've been listening to many old Korean songs and have felt a lot of empathy and inspiration. I want to be remembered as an artist who can share emotions, and thoughts, and inspire people even after a long time.

JDV: I want to be remembered as a hardworking artist who is sincere on stage, regardless of the career, growing daily, and always working hard.

SEUNG: I want to be remembered as an artist who keeps growing.

[You’ve gained quite a lot of attention worldwide, is there something you want to say to your global fans?]

DAEMON: We know we're getting much more attention than we deserve. I'd be lying if I said there wasn't any pressure. I'm sure the fans are expecting a lot from us. We will keep working hard until we can show them something worthy of that attention.

[Where can we expect to see SUPERKIND from now on?]

SAEJIN: You can find us on SUPERKIND's official Discord and TikTok. We hope to see you face-to-face soon!

In the mean time, check out the "MOODY" MV here!

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