"The Origin: A, B, Or What?" - Episode 5 Review

Twelve members are cut down to ten in an epic double elimination as the second balance game of IST Entertainment's "The Origin: A, B, Or What?" plays out in the show's fifth episode.

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Episode 5 Recap

Following Minseo's solo stage performance at the end of the fourth episode, there are now five solo stage performances remaining.

Performances can be seen for Donghwa's interpretation of Sam Kim's "Make Up", Seunghwan's performance of Lee SunHee's "Fate", and Jaehoon's rap performance.

Unfortunately, the performances of Won Bin and Hyunjun are unable to be seen in this episode due to music rights.

After each performance, the members are given some constructive criticism from the mentors, who now have to make a decision on the two trainees to eliminate from the competition.

After Donghwa is announced as the first trainee to make it through to the next round, the mentors announce Seunghwan and Minseo as also making it through, before revealing the two death cards.

Won Bin is the first to receive a death card (we did not get to see his performance due to music rights, unfortunately), and Jaehoon with his rap is the next to be eliminated, leaving Hyunjun as the last trainee to make it through.

The mentors then reveal who the ace card from Team A's performance of "The Stealer" was: Yeonkyu.

The teams for the finale

How it looks as of now, next weekend's episode of "The Origin: A, B, Or What?" appears to be the finale of the survival show.

In the final balance game of the show, the two teams are as follows:

Team A, consisting of Junmin, Junseok, Junho, Jinwook, and Minseo, performing GOT7's "Hard Carry".

Team B, consisting of Yeonkyu, Donghwa, Rakwon, Hyunjun, and Seunghwan, performing INFINITE's "BTD".

The finale will see special guest mentors from soloist Jay Park, Apink's Bomi and Hayoung, and Victon's Sejun and Subin, joining series regular mentors GOT7's JayB, 2NE1's Minzy, INFINITE's Sungkyu, and Just Jerk's Kwak Yoon Young and Hwang Kyu Hong.

It is unknown as of yet how the rest of the finale will play out - whether one team will get to debut, or several members.

You can watch episode 5 of "The Origin" with English subtitles below:

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